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Territory Code 514 area code will allow for additional phone numbers within the 450 area and will not affect existing numbers or customers. Glenn Pilley, Director at the Canadian Numbering Administration, stated that “it is crucial to remind everyone that the 579 area codes are currently operational” and also that the initial blocks of telephone numbers will be assigned to telecommunications services provider in the coming months to be given them to their customers.

Canada’s new area codes And Territory Code 514

An area code that is new to a region does not affect the local calling areas or how long-distance calls are dialed. Unique numbers, such as 9-1-1, will continue to dialed using just three numbers. Local calls, like calls to the 450 or 579 numbers, could still made with just three digits. The area code 450 encompasses Laval, the North Shore, South Shore, Lanaudiere and Monteregie, Estrie, Laurentians, and the Richelieu Valley. Montreal is surrounding by the 450 area codes 438 and 514.

North America sees the introduction of new area codes become more common. It is not unexpecting that this is taking place across a variety of regions within Canada. For example, in the Eastern Ontario geographic territory servicing by the area code 613, the 343 area code was introducing in May of 2010. In the 705 zones of Ontario, the new area codes 249 will be in place from March 11, 2011. In 2013 the new code of 873 will introducing in the region 819 of Quebec, and a third code, 365, will added to the region served by the area codes 289 and 905 in Ontario.

To raise awareness about the new area codes, the Telecommunications Alliance was creating to raise awareness of the new area codes. The Alliance comprises Bell, Videotron and Rogers, and all other telecommunications service companies that operate in areas with new area codes. For more details on new area codes, you can visit the website. To find out more For more information, contact Kristin Gable.

The Telecommunications Alliance

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