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Vanity Phone Number is always the risk of interference by an electrical signal. Armor technology allows network engineers to design different armor types that protect the transmission lines from that interference. This technology can help alleviate issues such as lost packets or low-quality transmissions. This technology is continually developed and is based on the technology being able to adapt to changes in connection quality. While this technology is being created, however, it has proven effective and has provided some of the best possible solutions for business requirements regarding VoIP quality.

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Providers have other options that enable them to provide better high-quality services with their VoIP services. As these technologies improve and are adopted by a more significant number of telecoms, VoIP technology will inevitably outpace the capabilities that traditional phone technology has to provide in terms of quality. VoIP technology will become more essential for companies to offer faster connections, better quality, and remove jitter.

VoIP is a well-known technology among businesses because of its potential to save money. But, unfortunately, some companies aren’t satisfing with the VoIP service they receive. However, there are technologies available that can dramatically improve the speed and reliability of VoIP connectivity, making it an opportunity for companies to enjoy the highest quality and still reap all the benefits that go along with the use of a VoIP system.

ADSL Bonding

ADSL Bonding or Bonded ADSL is a type of technology that lets BroadConnect Telecom bundle together several different connections into one. The result is precisely what you would expect: an even bigger pipe, to put it more informally. However, this solution can work for almost any company. Companies employ DSL to enhance the quality of communication between offices situated in various world regions.

ADSL Bonding also has the advantages of utilizing connections already in place, allowing businesses to make the most from their broadband connections.

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There’s always the risk of interference caused by an electrical signal. Armor technology allows network engineers to create different types of armor which protect transmission lines from interference. This could help reduce problems like lost packets, low-quality transmissions, etc.

This technology constantly improved and relies on it to adjust to changes in quality of connection. While this technology is being creating, it has proved to valid and has offered some of the best possible solutions to the business’s needs regarding quality VoIP.


BroadConnect Telecom offers various VoIP options to help you choose the right level of business Internet for your business. As we advance our technology, we are making adoption and understanding it much simpler for you, the end-user. In terms of quality, VoIP technology will beat traditional phone technology. BroadConnect’s VoIP technology allows for higher speeds, more reliable connections and also eliminates the jitter. As a result, VoIP will be a far more critical service over time.

With the holiday season fast approaching, businesses need to consider how they can best reach all of their potential customers and provide high-quality service that keeps customers returning. Cisco is partnering with Facebook to enable customers to connect with and integrate with businesses.